The Departed
Frissiras Museum, presents, at the building of Monis Asteriou 3 str in Plaka, an exhibition tribute to the Departed. Twenty-nine (29) artists from the Frissiras museum’s collections, who are no longer alive, waive the absence of their physical presence through their works, whiles simultaneously introduce themselves to a younger audience. By reconstructing the creative schemes of their social, political, ideological, personal and artistic pursuits, these Departed show us that even in front of the finality of death there is an exception, that of the artworks; their own immortally pursued through a path in time, retracing memories and forging a legacy for the descendants, serving as evidence of a presence which did not go unnoticed. Participating artists: Cremonini Leonardo, Dado, Golub Leon, Hay Susan, Hortala Philippe, Kitaj R.B., Perrot Philippe, Rustin Jean, Vermeersch Jose, Vyzantios Konstantinos, Gavrilos Giorgos, Gravalos Panayiotis, Gkitziris Kostas, Golfinos Giorgos, Diamantopoulos Diamantis, Ioannou Stavros, Kapralos Christos, Katraki Vasso, Kessanlis Nikos, Lachas Kostas, Lappas Giorgos, Mastichiadis Fotis, Paniaras Kostas, Romanou Chryssa, Skoulakis Demosthenis, Fidakis Panos, Chouliaras Nikos, Christoforou John, Boekel Van Henk.
3rd Frissiras Museum Award for Contemporary European Painting
The Visual Arts committee of the 3d Frissiras Award of European Painting has selected 20 finalists contestants , who will participate in an exhibition from June-December 2017.
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Announcement: Stavros Niarchos Foundation